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2 rating

My haircut was good, but I felt like I was being sold stuff constantly, and didn't really feel so much like a guest, just another dollar. Good old American Capitalism at it's finest. Edit: okay I'll elaborate. When I got in, I was told to check in on the computer. Whatever happened to the good old, write your name down. Now they have you put in your phone number (not optional) so they can call and get feedback later. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I'd rather just not have my phone number out there and receiving texts about my service. I appreciate the concern, but it doesn't make me feel any more sincerely appreciated as a guest than if we had the personality in the store along with it. Don't get me wrong, the staff is friendly, but it feels a bit fake. Not to be rude, but when I go to get my haircut, I like to be talked to, and I was talked to, but I mostly heard the chatter of the stylists talking among themselves with the occasional "what are you doing tonight?" from my stylist. I understand it's probably hard to keep a level of enthusiasm high for EVERY SINGLE guest, but I have definitely been in more friendly barber shops. I was asked about 3 different times if I wanted to do an MVP package, which I understand is probably lined out in the super vision's standards for their employees, to upsell, push product, etc. However, I just want a good old haircut and that's it. I know Sport Clips is a big corporate name, so if I'm searching for small shop feel I need to go elsewhere, which I will be doing. There was nothing against my stylist, my haircut was nice. (After a couple of days there are some spots I'm not happy with, but I'll just clean it up with my clippers and it's all sweet.) But the principle and feel of the store is something I can't get behind.

5 rating

Professional business, great service.

5 rating

Great service. Great prices.

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James J. | January 4, 2021 Google

" My haircut was good, but I felt like I was being sold stuff constantly, and didn't really feel so m"

Ken G. | December 6, 2020 Google

" Professional business, great service."

B K. | November 26, 2020 Google

" Great service. Great prices."

Steve H. | November 17, 2020 Google

" Violeta was wonderful. Very attentive to all my requests and fully professional. The entire experie"

Marco D. | November 8, 2020 Google

" Really quick and very good quality. I said just a few words to my hairdresser India and she knew ex"

Doug P. | November 1, 2020 Google

" Great staff and love the MVP treatments. The free neck trims between haircuts is a nice benefit I e"

Ross M. | October 30, 2020 Google

" Sporty provided a very good haircut after listening to my request, which is not always the case at "

Dumb W. | October 10, 2020 Google

" David gave me a great haircut and was in a good mood the whole time and kept the conversation going"

J T. | October 3, 2020 Google

" Sporty did a great job and will definitely return."

David E. | September 21, 2020 Google

" Hair Cut"